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Download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC

LocalCast for PCLocalcast for PC: LocalCast is actually a video player & also a editor with over 3 million users. The app is created by Stefan Pledl, LocalCast can edit, zoom & send videos on nearly any device.

The app is compatible with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV & all the major smart TV’s.
LocalCast provides great audio and video on lots of players however, there are some devices that don’t support the application’s media players. Well trying the application on whatever player you guys want to use will support you to identify which ones it best works with. Some players probably show audio and not the video & vice versa. Any of these signs show that the player doesn’t support the application.

LocalCast is for free and now it is available in the Play store for use on a computer. However, to play videos on a PC you guys have to convert the videos from MP4, 3GP or MKV which are the versions used on Android Systems.

You probably want to use LocalCast on a PC just because of the advantage it offers to watch your videos on a larger screen just as compared to your small mobile phone device display. By using the application on a PC also offers you more storage space for your videos.
For downloading the LocalCast on your Personal Computer, must follow these steps:

Steps to Download the LocalCast for Chromecast for PC

  • First of all, you have to download BlueStacks to your PC by using this Link.

  • At a time when you have installed BlueStacks on your PC, head to BlueStacks homepage and type in Play Store. (Keep in mind you guys must have an account on Google play to access the store. So in case you guys do not have one, sign up for one, it’s absolutely free and effortless.
  • In play store search for “LocalCast for PC.
  • Then tap on the download green button that appears at the top left side
  • At last, wait until the download is complete and install the application to your BlueStacks. And that’s it you are LocalCast for PC is ready for use.

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