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Flipaclip For PCNow, the creation of animation videos become too simple, and also by downloading Flipaclip For PC. Basically, it becomes too easy for mac and windows users as well. Whether you guys are the one who wishes to download & also use this application on Personal Computer for creating the animation video so then you guys are in the right place.

Just because here I share the way you guys can download. And also use the Flipaclip app on a laptop or PC.

Well, we all know that now videos are getting more engagements & as well as popularity on the internet.

This is the new era of the animation video which express your feeling and as well as knowledge in the video.

However, we didn’t cover anything regarding the animation in our previous blogs. So now we decide to write on the flipaclip pc app.

Now I think that you guys all know about the app and its uses of this application. But still, here I am covering it.

Yeah, when clarification here the installation procedure will also be the same as we have seen in the ibis Paint X, BitLife for PC, & Geeni App For PC.

By using the Flipaclip, you guys can draw animation & also create videos with the support of that animation.

Also, the Flipaclip app has a very good user base & thousands of users use this interesting app on daily basis.

In case you are a painter or desire to paint your dreams on the digital screen so then this app is especially for you.

Your created animation you guys can easily share on platforms just like youtube, tiktok, Instagram, and as well, as others.

The offers you the best drawing & animation experience in comparison to other applications.

Now you can also draw a frame by frame pictures and also create videos by using this app.

Now you guys get the idea of this app. Let’s discuss how we can download it on the laptop.

Well, here are things officially this application is not available for your windows or mac version therefore, we need to use an Android emulator.


Download Flipaclip on PC

Well, as I mentioned above that there is not an official application of it not available on windows or mac stores.

Here is the overview of Flipaclip app:

First of all, you have to download the above file by tapping on the download button. Also. save the file on your pc. Let’s discuss the step-by-step process for installing the flipaclip pc app.

  • Double click on the Bluestack installer & install the application.
  • On the dashboard, you guys can see the Google Play Store icon click on that and the start app.
  • Here you have to search Flipaclip in the Google play store search bar. Install the app on your personal computer.
  • Also, it will take some time for installing the application relying on the internet speed and pc configuration.
  • When it installs on the pc so then you can see the open button there so you guys can also start the application just by clicking on that.

You can start the app just by tapping on the app icon available on the main dashboard at a time when it is installed.

Therefore, this is the complete installation method of the application on your Windows laptop or PC.

Now in case, you guys are a mac user and you want to download the Flipaclip on the mac so then this is also the same procedure.

You need to download the mac version of the flipaclip app.

Install Flipaclip for PC (Windows 10 PC)

Well, it is possible that you probably get an error on the above method or face issues for starting the Google Play Store app.

Here is the alternative method for downloading the Flipaclip for PC app on your windows.

Also, I used the flipaclip apk file for installing it on our emulator so there is one issue with it.

It is possible that you guys probably not get the latest version of this application on your device.

  • Head to the Bluestack emulator and tap on the three dots available on the main corner.
  • Now on the next step, you have to tap on the choose apk option. Choose the flipaclip apk file from your pc.
  • Tap on the open button and it will begin the installation of the application on your emulator.
  • Same as once the app is installed so then you guys can commence the app by tapping on the app icon.

Here is a disclaimer before you use this method: It is probably possible that you guys will not get the newest version of this app.

Just because here we are using the apk file which maybe not be of the newest version.

However, in the first method, you guys will get the latest application for sure so no need to fret about it.

Features of Flipaclip PC

Here are some of the best features of this application. So check it out to get more details of this application.

  • Actually, one of the best animate designing applications is now available in the market just for free.
  • All tools needed to design animation as well as brushes, lasso, fill, eraser, shapes, & text inserts are available.
  • You guys can choose your own canvas size & paint on it. Flipaclip mobile & pc app supports up to 1920 x 1920 size.
  • In the completely free version, you guys can add up to 3 layers. And in the paid one you guys can go up to 10 layers.
  • Also, add you to your video and also make it more impressive and attractive.

There are so many other features of the Flipaclip app. I did not mention here further features but you can also check it ours by installing and also by using this app.


Actually, here we decide to include some frequently asked questions only regarding this application and here it is:

Can you guys use the flipaclip app on your pc?

Of course, you can easily use this application on your pc but for that, you must need to install the android or iOS emulator.

Is FlipaClip good for animation?

Definitely, if you guys are just starting in the animation so then the Flipaclip app is best for you. Just because that it is simple to learn and easy to use.

Is FlipaClip available on PC?

Nope, Flipaclip is not available for the mac or windows pc but by using the android emulator, also you can use it on your pc.

These are some of the best FAQs asked by our visitors and we also hope that it helps you a lot.

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Here we see that how we can download & also install the flipaclip app on windows and mac pc.

In case you guys are getting any errors during the installation so then let us know in the comment box below. So then we will help you guys to figure it out.

Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends & as well as on your social media sites.

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